We are a leading Design Agency in Jakarta and Bali, integrating creativity and technology to deliver meaningful and impactful digital experiences. Our in-house team of brand consultants, graphic designers, and online marketing specialists is driven by curiosity, committed to excellence, and positive by nature.


Here's how our design agency can help you

How a Design Agency Can Transform Your Business

We believe that good design goes beyond aesthetics; it has the power to solve problems, inspire engagement, and drive growth. By creating visually compelling, consistent, and memorable brand experiences, we help your business attract and retain customers, improve product understanding, and differentiate you from your competitors.


Why Choose Juicebox: A Creative Agency with a Difference

Working with a creative agency is about more than just outsourcing work. When you choose Juicebox, you gain a partner that is dedicated to understanding your business, sharing your vision, and helping you achieve your goals.


As an experienced design agency, we are responsible for our actions and always strive to deliver results that exceed your expectations. Our team is ambitious and forward-thinking, ready to innovate, adapt, and lead the way in an ever-changing digital landscape.


Expert Services of a Creative Agency: From Concept to Completion

We offer a wide range of creative services tailored to your needs, including graphic design, brand consulting, and digital marketing. Our graphic design services are vast, covering everything from logo design to website development and print media. As brand consultants, we work closely with you to define your brand’s identity, values, and communication strategy. Lastly, our digital marketing services help you reach and engage your target audience, drive traffic to your website, and convert visitors into loyal customers.


What’s your approach?

Driven by Curiosity: Always Evolving

At Juicebox, our approach is defined by our insatiable curiosity. We’re continually creating, shaping, and responding to the ever-changing world of digital marketing. We take pride in our craft, from big ideas to tiny details, and are forever pursuing excellence.


Positive by Nature: Your Vibrant and Approachable Partner

We believe in fostering a vibrant, inclusive, and approachable environment. We’re always supportive of our clients and aren’t shy about having a good time while we work. Our positive approach ensures a collaborative and enjoyable journey as we help your brand grow.


Design Agency - BambooU Designs
Design Agency - Bamboo Pure Designs

We don’t just talk the talk; we walk it. We take ownership of our work and strive to deliver meaningful, impactful results that help your business thrive. Our human-first digital mindset ensures that we remain focused on what matters most: your success.


If you are a business owner with a vision for growth, value brand-building, and are open-minded towards expert advice, Juicebox is the perfect fit for you. We believe in nurturing businesses with our expertise to transform them into market leaders. Together, let’s create and deliver brands that drive impactful digital experiences.

Connect with us today and let’s start a conversation about your business’s future.


Design Agency Jakarta & Bali

Had a great experience working with Juicebox. Always prompt to respond to emails, very professional and design work that we love. Thanks team!

Maria Hardy, Founder, BambooU