Our brand identity process begins with the fundamental question of ‘why’ rather than ‘what’. We believe that understanding the purpose behind your business is crucial for building a powerful identity that connects with your target audience and remains memorable.

Our focus is not limited to aesthetics. Our aim is to cultivate a genuine character for your brand that distinguishes it from other competitors and inspires a dedicated following. This involves asking the appropriate questions to get to the heart of your brand’s identity.

Building your unique brand identity will include:

  • 01 Workshop to understand your business
  • 02 Moodboard design presentation
  • 03 Crafting your unique identity
  • 04 Building a visual brand guidelines
  • 05 Generating your brand assets

How can we help your business?

Understanding brand identity

Your brand identity is more than just your logo, your identity helps your business to visually present itself to the world. Your brand identity should include your logo, typography, color palette and application examples to create a seamless brand image across all of your marketing touchpoints.

Stand out from the crowd

Our brand identity process starts with a discovery session where we aim to understand your business, your target market and what makes you unique. This helps us to craft a brand identity that authentically aligns with your business and revenue goals.

Create a brand asset bank

Part of our brand identity service includes providing you with a brand folder with your logo in three stacked and unstacked formats along with the design files. We also include your visual brand guidelines and any other assets you may have engaged us to create for you. This provides a simple place for you and your team to locate everything you need for your brand.

A collaborative approach

We work with you to understand your business and clients so that the identity we create is aligned with your business goals, and will attract the right market.

Brand identity design - icons
Brand identity design - advertising application

By delving into your organization, we uncover your authentic personality to establish your brand identity. Juicebox analyzes every aspect of your brand identity system, from your logo to your color palette, to ensure that they seamlessly communicate a memorable, cohesive image.

Let us help you craft a compelling brand identity that commands attention.

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Brand Identity Design - visual guidelines

I engaged Juicebox for a full brand identity concept. The entire team is professional and a delight to deal with.

Claire Turpin, Director, Simone Louise