With office in Jakarta and Bali, Juicebox is a web design agency with a strong focus on user experience and decades of experience working with top international brands. We offer unique visual concepts with the ability to separate you from your competitors, while still delivering an easy to use, responsive web design.

We take your brand and your message, and deliver them in a way that speaks to your clients. Our goal is to deliver a product that will engage your users, drive increased traffic, and meet business objectives.


0% Revenue increase since the launch of The Paws website.
0% Increase in average session duration for Discover Luxury Indonesia
0% Increase in sessions for Utopia

Our diversly talented team will collaborate with you to:

  • 01 Define your digital strategy
  • 02 Define website objectives
  • 03 Plan and map user experience and journeys
  • 04 Design a website prototype
  • 05 Produce technical specifications and develop website
  • 06 Launch your digital experience

Here's how our team of experts can help:

Can you help us to align our website with our business objectives?

One of the most important parts of the website design process is understanding your business.

What does success mean for you? Who are your clients? To design a website that aligns with your business goals, we need to understand who will be engaging with your website and what its core purpose is. Many studios can design a beautiful looking website, but beautiful websites don’t always meet business objectives. We’re different in that want you to see a return on your website investment.

We produce results for your business through spectacular website designs that attract and engage your audience, driving them to desired conversion outcomes.


Do you design responsive websites?

We build responsive websites, enabling your users to easily browse your site on any device.

Mobile first website design has become an industry standard. 52% of website traffic was generated through mobile last year, having a mobile strategy is critical to the success of most businesses in 2023. Most users will decide whether they will stay on a website or leave within the first few seconds. Therefore, your website design’s first impression really matters!

Our team of web designers is heavily focused on mobile design, ensuring that your website will deliver the same high-quality experience across all platforms and devices.


What elements do you focus on for user experience?

UX design is key to creating an enjoyable experience for your users. We design websites with your users in mind. Simple to use interface that encourages users to follow along a simple conversion path, while providing useful and clear information will help your business to increase turnover and retain clients.

Elements such as text, images, graphics, buttons, and videos, all work together to provide a positive user experience. Our website designs are unique, clean, beautiful and focus on giving a great user experience. Striking website design that is intuitive and easy-to-navigate on every scroll, click, hover, and form submission!


Are the websites you design good for SEO?

Our websites are SEO compliant right from the start.

What good is a beautiful website if nobody sees it. We build websites that are easy for Google to crawl – ensuring your SEO campaigns can be successful.


Do you provide CMS training?

All of our website projects come with a complimentary 2 hour training session to show you how to edit, update or remove text and images from your website.


Xynexis Web
Web Design Jakarta & Bali - Example project

Juicebox is a full service digital agency with offices in Jakarta and Bali, we specialize in creating stunning web designs. Our team of skilled designers and developers have years of experience in creating unique, user-friendly, and mobile-responsive websites that help businesses to reach their objectives online.

Speak to one of our experts today.


Our website was designed and developed with Juicebox. The results are an increase in sales of 300% or more - increased direct enquiries through contact forms, more page views and user engagement. Overall the services are effective, clear and with accurate results.

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