Visual Brand Guidelines set the standards for the usage and application of your brand’s key visual elements such as fonts, colors,logos and key application examples. They provide detailed instructions for staff such as social media managers, graphic designers and third-party service providers such as digital marketing and advertising firms on how to express your brand visually with consistency and clarity.

Building your visual identity guidelines will include:

  • 01 Setting logo standards
  • 02 Creating typography
  • 03 Developing colour palattes
  • 04 Crafting iconography if applicable
  • 05 Creating key brand applications for your business

More about visual identity guidelines:

Why do I need a style guide?

Build trust with your clients through consistent brand delivery. Before starting any digital marketing work for our clients, we always request brand guidelines and visual brand guidelines. This is to ensure that we deliver a consistent brand message for our clients.

Having these documents in place allows you to easily communicate the right fonts, colors, tones, and message for your staff and third parties to successfully represent your brand. Successful branding relies on consistency.

What is typically included in the visual brand guidelines?

Depending on your business types and the kinds of channels you would be advertising/ promoting with, the following are some of the deliverables that should be included in your Visual Brand Guidelines: Brand Statement, Logos, Colors, Typography, Visual Elements, Application Examples.

What is a visual identity vs brand guidelines

In the world of branding, two important elements often come into play: visual identity and brand guidelines. Both play a crucial role in shaping how a brand is perceived and recognized by its audience.

A visual identity is the visual representation of a brand. It encompasses the design elements that make a brand instantly recognizable and memorable. It includes the logo, color palette, typography, imagery, and other visual elements that collectively form the brand’s visual language. Think of it as the face of the brand—the first impression that captures attention and evokes emotions.

Brand guidelines provide a comprehensive set of rules and instructions for how the brand should be presented consistently across various touchpoints. They outline the dos and don’ts of using the brand’s visual elements and ensure that everyone involved in brand communication maintains a cohesive and unified approach. Brand guidelines establish the rules for logo usage, color specifications, typography guidelines, imagery style, tone of voice, and more.

Brand identity design - icons
Brand identity design - advertising application

By working to understand your business, we discover your genuine character to establish visual brand guidelines. Juicebox meticulously examines every element of your visual brand system, ranging from your logo to your color palette, ensuring that they effectively convey a memorable, unified visual representation.

Let us assist you in creating captivating visual brand guidelines that deliver impact at scale.

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Brand Identity Design - visual guidelines

I engaged Juicebox for a full brand identity concept. Having had the same logo in my business for over 20 years. This was quite a challenging endeavor. But from the very beginning, the team made me feel at ease. They implemented all of my requests made any changes seamlessly and communicated with me through the entire process. The entire team is professional and a delight to deal with.

Claire Turpin, Director, Simone Louise