Retargeting ads can be run across a variety of platforms, get in touch with us today to determine which is best for your business.

We find that too many websites have low conversion rates and it’s time to do something about it. People who have visited your website can now be retargeted across many devices on the web to bring them back with a higher possibility of conversion!

More about Retargeting Advertising Service:

Retargeting on the Web

Retargeting is a great way to convert window shoppers into buyers.

With retargeting we look to keep track of people coming to your website and then look to display adverts to those people when they visit other websites online. It could be that they come to your website to book a hotel room but do not convert, later on whilst they are browsing through Facebook your advert for your hotel appears right in front of them, diverting them back to your booking page and increasing your chance of an online conversion.

How does Retargeting Work?

With this data, it will then create a list of users that have visited your page. You are going to start visiting your customers that did not convert on your website. They visited your website, looked at your product page, but did not convert. Through retargeting, we will serve the ads to that specified list, only targeting those that have previously visited your website. Your ads will be presented to them again, whether they are looking on Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram and other leading networks online.

Expert Retargeting

Our team at Juicebox will work with you to setup the best possible retargeting campaign for your business.

Our team of experts have extensive experience in digital marketing and especially retargeting. We understand how to get more conversions on your website. All of the work we do revolves around data and the effective use of it. Our retargeting campaigns provide you with real insights into the effectiveness of the campaign and allow you to judge the return on your investment effectively. This allows for smarter decision making with your online marketing budgets.

How much does Retargeting cost?

The cost for retargeting will vary greatly based on the scope of the advertising that you wish to implement.

Think of the expense in the same form as you would with a Google Ads campaign. You will set a monthly budget on how much you wish to spend on retargeted adverts. At the beginning of each month you will be required to settle that amount with our accounts department before we start running your campaign.

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