It is in the best interest of your business to diversify your audience by integrating Yahoo Ads into your digital marketing plan. From small-scale businesses to the most notable names in Asia, our business partners have entrusted their digital marketing work to Juicebox.

Here's how we can help with Bing ads

How do Bing Ads work?

Juicebox’s team of specialists have immense experience in Bing ads for businesses.


There are tangible benefits by tapping into Bings search network. With over 900 million unique inquiries per day, Bings search network is just as pervasive as any other platform. Though it’s not as ubiquitous as Google’s network, that number is still a staggering amount that marks a potential market for your business to tap into.

What are the advantages of Bing Ads

Brand Awareness

By expanding your ads across Bings network, you’re essentially diversifying your audience and extending your brand’s recognition and awareness to different mediums and platforms. This increases traffic to your home site or landing page.


Access to Yahoo Network

A major advantage of implementing Yahoo Ads is having access to Yahoo’s proprietary network and marketplace platforms. This allows you to publish your ads to premium sites and publishing partners that are operated by Yahoo. Your ads can be published alongside these brands, enabling you to align your brand and connect directly to the audiences that use these platforms. In addition, advertisers also get access to the tremendous global native impressions, providing you extended exposure across Yahoo’s network.

Yahoo Search & Image Ads

Yahoo Search Ads
Just like Google Ads, Yahoo Search Ads is a type of PPC advertising where it’s targeted to an audience with high intent. The ads can be targeted to a specific set of keywords to those individuals who know exactly what they’re looking for, increasing the probability of clicking paid search ads.


Yahoo Image Ads
These are visual ads that are typically placed either on the top, bottom, sides or middle of the content on a webpage. They are most effective when used as a form of personalized advertising where they are shown to an audience who have interest in your services or brand.


Tumblr Sponsored Ads & Yahoo Mail Ads

Tumblr Sponsored Ads
With sponsored ads, you have the option of displaying your ads as a single image, a carousel, native ads or video form. Each of the different types will have certain pros and cons depending on what message you want to convey and the approach you wish to use.


Yahoo Mail Ads
As the name implies, Yahoo Mail Ads are presented exclusively for Yahoo’s proprietary mail platform. The Click-Through-Rate (CTR) for Yahoo Mail Ads have been reported to be as high as 4x the industry average.

Video Ads, Carousel Ads & App Install Ads

Video Ads
Clickable video ads can be displayed seamlessly to conform with the content around Yahoo’s network. This extends to content within apps, third-party publishers, and Yahoo’s own properties.


Carousel Ads
Native carousel ads provide advertisers with the option to use multiple images to convey a message or a story to the audience. Each of the images can be set to directly link to your brand’s site or any landing page of your choice. This customization allows advertisers to tailor their ads at their discretion to


App Install Ads
Yahoo ads can also deliver ads to reach the mobile marketplace. With over 650 million mobile users across the various networks operated by Yahoo, it is a prime location for advertisers to place their ad.


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