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6 Free Things You Can Do to Get Your Business Ready for Bali to Reopen

things to do to get your website ready for tourism to reopen in Bali

Bali Reopen: Finally, after two long years, international flights are returning to Bali.

Singapore airlines resumed daily flights in February, and airlines such as KLM, Scoot and Jetstar resumed their services in March. Many hospitality businesses are still struggling with the financial effects of two long years of no tourism, below we have listed a few free things you can do to get your business ready to reopen.

1. Optimize your Google My Business Listing

Optimizing your Google Business Profile can increase your chances of appearing in local listings (and on Maps).

Make sure that your Google Business Listing (now called Business Profile) is marked as open. Google also allows you to list what your Covid Protocols are and whether you are accepting visitors. Be sure to check that all of these details are correct. You can find this information by navigating to your Google Business Listing and then selecting “info” on the left-hand side of the page. While you are in there, why not check your category to ensure these are correct for your business type, check that your website URL is correctly listed and that your address and contact details are correct. If you have a few additional minutes to spare, post an update with any upcoming promotions you may be offering. You can do this under the “Posts” tab. Requesting reviews from previous clients can also help to boost your profile, on the review tab you can grab a handy link which you can easily send to clients to request reviews. Tap through to the link here if you need more information on how to optimize your Google listing.

Optimize Google My Business Listing


2. Update Your Website Content & Check Conversion Points

Updating your website is a great signal for Google that your website is active – and it sends customers a good message too.

Go through your website and update any outdated text (for example – make sure that any references to dates are correct and not still saying 2019). If you have a blog on your site, make sure that you have a couple of recent posts up. This will be an important quality signal to your potential clients to show them that you are still open and active. Check your booking system is working and active and that you don’t still have dates closed off for room bookings. OR if your business is focused on leads, take a look at your contact forms and make sure that they are working. Be sure to test these across a variety of devices (laptop, phone, Ipad), operating systems (Mac / Windows), and browsers (Chrome, Safari, Edge) to be sure that all of your guests can easily get in touch with you.\

Update your website content


3. Clean Up Your Social Channels

Take a look at your social media channels and make sure that they are all up to date and clear of clutter.

Go through and tidy up your Instagram highlights (remove anything that is from 112 weeks ago for example), make sure the details are correct and that all links are working and leading users to the right place. Tidy up your about us section (for example update any dates such as “in 2019 we….”) and ensure your socials are optimized for your business category as this can help with social searches. This is a great time to post some positive “welcome back to Bali” content, special promotional packages or information on the latest entrance requirements.

Social Media


4. Check Your Page Speed

Page speed has become a vital statistic for everything from SEO to Google Ads.

You want to aim for under 3 seconds for page load. If you have an e-commerce website – research has shown that even 1 second can impact your conversions and sales by up to 15% so this is a good area to invest some time in. There are many items you will be able to fix and implement yourself (such as resizing images). I’ve provided some links below to tools we regularly use:

  1. Google Tools –  Google Page Speed Insights
  2. Great Visual Metrics –  GT Metrix
  3. Mobile Page Speed Tool – Pingdom

There are many others, don’t focus too much on the exact numbers but rather on the time to first load and time to fully load as these will impact your users real life experience of the website.

Website Page Speed


5. Make Sure Your Website Is Responsive

Check to make sure your website works across all browsers and devices.

Check that your website doesn’t have any responsive issues. Responsive means that your website works and is easy to view on a range of different screen resolutions (For example a phone, laptop or tablet). So open your website on your phone, iPad, laptop and desktop – make sure that it’s easy to access all pages and that there is no text cut off or perhaps a pop-up notification that cannot be closed on mobile. This may be an area in which you need some developer assistance should you spot any issues, but you may also be able to remove items like pop ups yourself until you can get these resolved.

responsive website


6. Check Your Website Rankings

Take a look at where your website is ranking in the search engines for key search terms.

If you haven’t been working on your website, now is a good time to take a look at where you stand. Research shows that almost 90% of traffic comes from the first page of the search results (usually positions 1-10 depending on whether there are ads running) which is why continual SEO on your website is so important. You can use a free tool such as Ubersuggest in order to gain a quick understanding of where you lie. If you’ve lost significant rankings, this might be a good time to re-engage with the activities or to start thinking about running a Google Search campaign to catch any of that incoming traffic.


SEO Website Rankings


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