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Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Every day, more and more people use their mobile phones and tablets to browse the web. It’s important to build a website which works on multiple devices and platforms. Responsive web design (RWD) is an essential feature in today’s web design landscape and the best way to create a user-friendly page.

Basically, responsive design means that the pages of a website are able to format themselves, depending on the kind of device they are being displayed on.

No matter if a user opens a page on his computer, smart phone or tablet: with responsive web design it will remain a great usability. This innovation had a massive impact on website building. A few years ago, separate pages had to be created to provide a user-friendly mobile solution.

When it comes to SEO, using a responsive design can have a major influence on your Google ranking. Let us explain why:

Google likes it responsive

It’s always important to keep up with Google’s preferences and webmaster guidelines to receive a good ranking. In this case, Google recommends responsive web design as the best way to reach your mobile users. When presenting search results on mobile devices, Google will always favor the mobile-optimized pages. This is especially important for local search inquiries.

Some voices are still debating whether a separate mobile-page is better than a responsive page, but from the SEO point of view, the responsive page is much more efficient. Separate sites have their own URL and a different HTML than their counterparts. Responsive pages on the other hand have the same, which makes it easier for Google to index your contents. Furthermore, your mobile presence will profit from the overall authority of your responsive website, you can keep all of your backlinks in one place and won’t have to build a reputation from scratch.

With a responsive page you can also build your social media engagement from one URL and if your site gets shared, the content will emerge clear and easy to navigate on every device that’s out there.

Combat bounce rate with responsive design

Even if a website is doing well in search results, bounce rate will cause problems, if the site isn’t optimized for mobile use. When the content of a mobile site is very stripped down or simply differs too much from the content provided on the desktop site, they may suffer from bounce rate. For Google, a high bounce rate is a sign for low quality or irrelevant content, which may lead to a drop in rankings.

With an RWD page, there’s no need to compromise on the content you want to present. Therefore, visitors are able to see the content they are looking for on every possible device. This keeps them on the site and reduces your bounce rate!

Responsive pages raise conversion and mobile sales

If you’re making many of your sales online, you can increase your conversion rate and online sales with a responsive web design. Your site will be found more easily because of the improved SEO that comes with a responsive website and your visitors will spend more time on your well designed page, which is going to result in more sales. If one of your conversion metrics is sales, you’ll notice an upward shift!

Since consumers are increasingly buying online via mobile devices, a responsive web design will help them to get more comfortable using your site.

Keeping up to date with modern web design is an important factor regarding your SEO and online sales. If you’re looking for a well designed, responsive page – we are able to build it for you. Feel free to  contact us for further information.