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Bringing an Urgent Issue to Light: Fraudulent Activities Under the Name of Juicebox

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We’d like to inform our community about a growing concern involving deceptive actions perpetrated under the name of Juicebox.

Recently, we have received numerous reports of individuals receiving job offers and other proposals under the pretense that they are from Juicebox. 


The Modus Operandi of the Scammers


False Representation: The perpetrators falsely identify themselves as representatives of Juicebox, offering job opportunities to unsuspecting individuals.


Fraudster claiming as Juicebox representative



Suspicious Requests: Just as we’ve seen with other companies like Next Digital Indonesia, the fraudsters may ask you to interact with social media channels by subscribing or liking multiple posts. They promise rewards in return for a certain amount of interactions, playing on the trust and excitement of potential victims. Of course, when it comes time for payment, they are suddenly not contactable.



Suspicious request from scammer that used Juicebox name

Suspicious request from scammer that used Juicebox name


Unofficial Communication Channels: They seem to be communicating through personal WhatsApp, Instagram, and Telegram accounts. 


Juicebox’s Official Recruitment Channels


Juicebox is a well-respected digital marketing agency with roots in Jakarta and Bali. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of digital marketing in Southeast Asia. When we reach out or offer opportunities, it is always done through our official channels.

Our recruitment is primarily conducted through our official website, LinkedIn, and Instagram. We urge you to be cautious and not fall prey to job offers or any communication from platforms other than the ones listed below:




Instagram: @islandmedia.mgmt

LinkedIn: @island-media-management

Official WhatsApp: +62 811-3830-5039


Any other source claiming to represent Juicebox is not legitimate.


Our Commitment to You


Driven by our values – curiosity, commitment, positivity, and responsibility – we always strive to create a safe, genuine, and transparent environment for our clients, partners, and employees. Juicebox is more than just a brand; we are a family with a human-first digital mindset.

If you come across any suspicious activity or communication related to Juicebox, please reach out to us immediately via our official channels. Let’s work together to keep our community safe from these malicious actions.