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Captions Writing for Social Media

Caption Writing for Social Media

Effective social media captions writing undoubtedly will lead to more engagement on your social media profile like Instagram or Facebook, which is one of the key factors affecting the number of times you appear in your user’s feeds. Getting more likes and comments will increase the chance that your followers will see your posts.

Here are the things you should know before writing a caption of your own:


Caption Writing for Social Media

What Your Audience Wants

Who, of the billions of social media users will fit your businesses target customer profile? Instagram alone is used by people in all corners of the world, with women slightly dominating more than men. The better you know your audience, the easier it will be to tailor your marketing strategy in social media to reach their needs and expectations.

It’s recommended that you build your own audience personas, which presents a basic outline and details of your target customers. You should be asking yourself who your customers are; which includes: their age, where they are based, what they are interested in and what they do for a living. Once you have this covered, you will have a clear direction of who your audience are and what they want.


Caption Writing for Social Media

Know Your Brand Voice

Your brand voice and identity is a crucial part of a broader marketing strategy in social media. You should already know the qualities and values of your brand to express to your target audience.

For example, a travel brand might use few adjectives such as “bold” and “curious” to describe their business and help them find the right tone. Just remember to keep things light, show personality and use humor when appropriate. Social media users generally don’t expect a serious or formal tone.


Caption Writing for Social Media

Place Your Keywords At The Beginning

It’s a good idea to lead the post with the most important words, giving your readers a reason to tap “more”. Remember that captions writing in Instagram are cut off after few sentences, which is why having the key points at the beginning is crucial.


Caption Writing for Social Media

Attention to Length

Most social media users usually scroll through their feeds speedily, which is one of the reasons why you keep your captions as brief as possible. Give it some meaningful context, but let the picture or video speak for itself. Specially for Instagram, the recommended characters used is around 125 or fewer, this will allow your whole caption to be displayed.

More than that, people will need to tap “more” for the entire caption to appear. Though, if there’s an interesting story behind the photo, take time to tell it in your captions writing as accompanying texts always adds value to any visuals. Consider professional copywriting services for compelling captions.


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