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How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

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The top accounts are posting multiple times a day from Instagram, Twitter, to Facebook and Youtube. Some Twitter accounts are churning up 100 posts in a single week, and you might be wondering whether or not you need to do such a thing to be “up to standard” with other accounts.

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Does Anyone Actually Have Time To See All Your Content?

This is the right question to ask. If you are posting multiple times a day on all platforms, would you get the same amount of engagement as if you are only posting a few times a week, or even just once every two weeks?

The answer may be yes, as you are giving a higher chance for your account to show up in the feed. However, the increase in engagement (likes and comments) may not be proportional to the amount of effort that you had to put into creating content to fulfill this goal.

There would be so much content to see on a person’s feed that none of them would feel special, so skipping one or two of your posts wouldn’t be a problem for them — what is there to “miss out on”?

Posting on social media too much would also harm your brand for reasons that a lot of us already know. Some accounts would start to become a nuisance, just like how people quickly become tired of ads.


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Becoming The Elusive Gold Poster On Social Media

Do you follow an account that posts infrequently, yet you get excited to see a new post every time there is an update from that account?

They are what we like to call a gold poster. Among all the noisy and frequent posts that other accounts are giving to you every single day, you are finally met once again with the content from the creators who made you laugh, cry, and feel inspired — after a long time of waiting.

Gold posters simply post either the best quality content out there, or nothing at all. By doing so, these accounts only attract people who are truly engaged with their content. They have no problem being forgotten by the many people who don’t really think much about their content.

It’s either high quality customers who love their high quality content, or nothing at all.


What Do You Sell And How Many Customers Do You Need?

When it comes to how often you should post on social media, it ultimately depends on how many people you are trying to reach.

A mass consumer market such as processed food, beauty and health, and fast food businesses may benefit from posting as often as three times a day. You can adjust the frequency if you are beginning to lose followers — a sign that people are getting tired of your content.

For businesses that offer advice, consultation, or premium services, posting daily to three times a week is a good balance. You will rely more on the quality of the posts, rather than the quantity.


What Should You Post On Social Media Today?

Each post is a blank slate filled with possibilities. Be unique in what you have to say, and learn about your customers along the way.

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