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Improving Low Quality Content > Deleting Low Quality Content

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Google has recently cleared up the common confusion on what to do with live, low quality content or what should you do if you happen to lost them on your site.

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When running through your website, really take a look at the content and think about why it was published in the first place, will it be useful for any visitors looking for more information about the service or product you offer, and if it is still worth keeping. We’ve put together an article that will give you an idea of what you should be doing with the old content on your website.


Content Importance Before 2011

Before the year 2011, the internet was a very different place to what it is today. Google relied heavily on keyword use in text and content produced based on those keywords.

For example: if you were a hotel business in Bali, you would write “hotels in Bali” four to five times in an article without thinking too much what the article was about. Because that keyword ensured that anyone looking for accommodation in the holiday destination would see your website. Naturally, this leads to a ton of abuse. Other hotel industries not even located or closely located in Bali would be using those keywords to sell their services, it was oppressive. In some cases, you’d have to dig pages back into the search results to be able to find something that is actually worth your time, specifically for informational queries. Until Google Panda came to save the day.

What happened in 2011 is the Google Panda update. The update changed the Google algorithm to a much more organic form for the search engine to identify the topic and simultaneously demote the abuse of exact match keyword usage. Another example we can use is: a company trying to spam keywords for all over the world would be out-done in each geographic area by businesses that are proven to be in those areas.


Post 2011: High Quality Content

When it comes to quality content filtering that published after the great Panda mayhem, there’s a good chance that websites are at least meeting minimum standards of content, which means it’s highly likely very serviceable and not worth deleting.

The primary factors you want to look at are whether or not the old content has any valuable information and links, and whether or not it has a spammy nature. If back then you didn’t care or weren’t aware of the details of SEO and just wrote whatever floats your boat, chances are, it isn’t super valuable content. However, it is unlikely for it to be counted as spam because it’s hard to just accidentally write spam.

So, the types of content you may want to delete are:

  • Old ones that aren’t supported by links and doesn’t provide any valuable information regarding your business and that spams keywords that tries to hit all the sweet spots for old SEO.
  • Duplicate, similar, or is the exact replicated content from outside your site. To check if there’s any, you can run your site through Copyscape.

Remember to be always focused on E-A-T, Expertise, Authority, and Trust as it’s stated in Google Search Quality Evaluator Guideline.


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