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Juicebox and Bali WISE Collaborate on Pioneering Digital Marketing Internship Program

Bali WISE Internship

Juicebox is proud to announce an exciting collaboration with Bali WISE, launching a Digital Marketing Internship Program that aims to further empower young Indonesian women. This venture is not just a representation of Juicebox’s commitment to fostering talent but also resonates deeply with our longstanding partnership and shared values with Bali WISE.

Bali WISE, run by the dedicated staff of the R.O.L.E. Foundation, has been a beacon of empowerment for marginalized women in Indonesia, focusing on the flourishing hospitality industry of Bali. They’ve established a strong reputation for delivering high-quality education and skills training that matches the rigorous standards of the professional tourism businesses in Bali.

The endeavor has a simple yet profound goal – to empower these young women through skills education, enabling them to break away from the vicious cycle of poverty and pave the way for sustainable communities in Indonesia.

A cornerstone of Bali WISE’s mission has been its initiative to offer these determined women both hospitality and life skills education, and hands-on training at their five-star education partner establishments. The ripple effect of this initiative is profound. By training these young women and aiding them in securing full-time employment in the hospitality sector at fair wages, they’re not only uplifting the women themselves but also their communities.


Internship Program from Juicebox

Juicebox’s association with Bali WISE has spanned nearly a decade, a testament to our unwavering support for their mission. We deeply resonate with their commitment to education and their vision of breaking the poverty cycle. Our shared values provided the foundation for what came next.

Seeing the potential for further growth, Juicebox approached Bali WISE in 2023 with an innovative idea: Why not integrate a Digital Marketing internship program alongside their existing hospitality training? This addition would arm these young women with a broader set of skills, opening doors to even more career prospects.

Intern from Bali WISE: Meiliani and Izka

May 2023 marked the fruition of this vision. We proudly welcomed the inaugural batch of two interns, Meliani and Izka, into the Juicebox family. Over a span of three months, these interns were immersed in an intensive on-the-job training program designed to equip them with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to thrive in the digital marketing landscape.

We are thrilled to share that both of these remarkable interns not only successfully completed their digital marketing internship but also swiftly secured employment in the digital marketing realm immediately after their program.

This collaboration with Bali WISE is a testament to what is possible when two organizations come together with shared values and a mutual commitment to uplift communities. Juicebox remains steadfast in our mission to drive impactful digital experiences, and this partnership is just one of the many ways we aim to make a positive imprint on society. We eagerly look forward to the future, full of potential and promise, as we continue to collaborate and create opportunities for these brilliant young minds.


We are also thrilled to report that both of our recent interns were immediately able to find work following their program with BaliWise and internship with Juicebox.


“In my opinion, working at Juicebox has its own challenges and is very suitable for the younger generation. With employees who have extraordinary potential and abilities, I have learned a lot of new things. Apart from that, they are all very friendly, and also cool as they are all still young. Besides that, I was also taught about many things and the most important thing was attitude, time management and many other things that were very helpful and broadened my horizons. Their ability to help every business from every client throughout Indonesia has made Juicebox a marketing agency company to be proud of. In addition, a culture and work environment that is strong, friendly, with excellent time management such as arriving on time, work that must be done according to deadlines, and sufficient break time, as well as the WFH option makes employees comfortable and have a good work life balance.”

– Meliani, Bali WISE Intern


“Many thanks to Juicebox and Bali WISE who have given me a great opportunity to learn many things during these 3 months. At Juicebox, there is a lot that I can learn starting from how to manage time well to digital marketing knowledge, which of course, I can’t get so easily outside of Juicebox. Apart from that, the environment is very friendly and the staff are happy and enthusiastic to guide the interns to understand and try to achieve certain goals during their internship at Juicebox. With experience from Juicebox too, I am very grateful that I got a job that suits my passion as a result of studying for 3 months. Thank you very much!”

– Izka, Bali WISE Intern