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Location Targeting Facebook Ads for Your Business

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If you have put up an ad on Facebook, then you know that it is possible to restrict your audience to the people living or working within a particular geographic area. Location targeting is one of the best ways that you can maximize on the efficiency of your advert. The only challenge becomes the cost of the marketing campaign. This type of ad tends to be priced based on what is known as an automated auction.

If the businesses in your area are also competing for the same targeted audience, then the price will shoot up due to the competition. It is therefore important to first figure out if this is the right facebook ads for your business. Here’s how why you need location targeting facebook ads:

What are your location options?

You have the option of using mileage radius, or you may use zip codes. You may also target particular cities, countries, provinces, congressional districts and states. It might be a good idea to look at your options before settling on any.

What is your physical location?

If you have a physical location, then geo-targeting may be an ideal way of ensuring that new clients find the store. You need to make sure that you have a good idea of how far people will come to access your goods or services. You may want to use their location tracking feature in order to see how many of the people who have seen your facebook ads are actually going to a store.

If you have a physical location, are you in a rural or urban setting?

If you are in a city, you will find that there is more competition for the facebook ads, but, there are more people to be reached as well. You should consider focusing on an audience within a particular zip code. If you are in a rural location, then you should consider a wider reach. Because rural areas tend to have more open spaces, you will be paying for what is considered ‘dead space,’ however, the competition will be lower.

Are you just online?

This may actually be your best bet. If you sell clothing, you can target clients based on the climatic conditions and where they live. If you are into health and fitness, you can target people who enjoy working out and the like. When it comes to fundraising, you should consider geo-targeting wealthy areas where people may have some money to spare and are more inclined to giving donations.

Location targeting Facebook ads is an essential component of a successful social media marketing campaign. By reaching out to specific geographic areas, you can effectively raise awareness about your business and attract potential clients.

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