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Most Important SEO Strategy in 2017

seo strategies

It is no longer a secret that for a business to survive in today’s cut-throat internet platform, it has to fare well on search engine result pages (SERPs). Gone are the days when a fancy website was all one needed to attract traffic and to rank highly on search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is now more important than ever and it is imperative to adjust your strategy to suit this rapidly changing and volatile landscape.

With the constantly changing Google algorithm and the ever vague Google ranking factors, it is important to know how to maneuver in such fluid set up. It is also important to know that Google uses approximately 200 ranking factors to rank websites, so which factors should you focus on when it comes to your site’s SEO?

The answer lies in great content and links pointing to your website. These are the secrets to successful internet marketing as links feature largely and very importantly in the 200 or so ranking signals.

seo strategies

The Crucial Place of Links in SEO

This brings in the importance of links and link building as a strategy in SEO marketing today. The debate on links in SEO has been ongoing yet backlinks are trending in Google search just like they were in 2009. Link disavow tools are being used 43% less than in 2013 while interest for link building in the U.S has grown by 43% since 2003.

Is link building dead? Many SEO experts are vouching for this theory but if Google’s top guys are to be believed, links still remain crucial due to their role in leading users to your quality content. The focus on link building today is on:

  • Link volumes – The greater the number of links the better
  • Quality of links – Emphasis should be on quality links
  • Anchor text in links – This helps give more information to users and increase the click through rate.

While the debate on the importance of links continues, it is important to note that all top websites on Google SERPs utilize link building in their SEO strategies. SEO specialists also vouch for authority links as a key driver in ranking on SERPs for a targeted keyword.

SEO and Content Marketing

These two are intertwined because every SEO strategy has to appreciate that content is still king. While SEO is narrower, content marketing is broader and holistic. To promote your content, you have to rely on specific SEO tools and link building is one of these.

It is important for every SEO consultant to adjust their strategies in line with the new Google algorithm updates. There are new penalties for interruptive popups and aggressive interstitial because they affect the mobile experience.

There are more changes expected in 2017 with regard to SEO but one thing still remains constant; quality link building and content will continue to reign.

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