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Outsourcing Digital Services to Indonesia


Indonesia Outsources

Digital agencies can save money by outsourcing some of their work to Indonesia.

This is because Indonesia has a large pool of highly skilled and affordable workers. Juicebox is a unique digital marketing agency in Indonesia because all of our directors and senior managers are native-English speakers. This allows us to provide clearer communication, better output quality and smoother project management than any agency in the country. With offices in Jakarta and Bali and over 30 full-time digital professionals, Juicebox is ready to handle your digital marketing project, big or small.

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Reasons to use outsourcing from Indonesia

One of the main reasons why digital agencies can save money by outsourcing to Indonesia is the fact that we have a lower cost of labor here.

The average hourly wage for a skilled worker in Indonesia is much lower than in many developed countries, such as the United States or Australia. This means that foreign digital agencies can save money on labor costs by working with Juicebox, without sacrificing quality. In addition, the lower cost of labor in Indonesia allows us to offer our services at more competitive prices, which helps our white label partners save on production costs.

In addition to the lower cost of labor, Indonesia has a large and growing pool of highly skilled workers. The country has a strong education system and a high literacy rate, which means that there is a large number of well-educated workers who are proficient in a range of skills, such as website design, website development, and search engine optimization. This means that we can find high-quality labor here in Indonesia who can provide a wide range of professional services. Not only are our senior management native-English speakers, but many of our staff are also fluent in English, which makes it easy for digital agencies to communicate with us and manage projects.

Furthermore, Indonesia has a favorable business environment that makes it easy for our partners to count on us. The country has a stable and democratic government, a growing economy, but a somewhat complex tax and regulatory environment. We’ve been in business for 10 years and have navigated all the complex regulations which allows us to offer long-term stability to our agency partners. Finally, Indonesia is located across convenient time zones which makes it easy to collaborate with our white label partners across Asia-Pacific.

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Digital agencies can save money by outsourcing projects to Juicebox Indonesia.

Enjoy a lower cost of labor and a large pool of highly skilled workers. We are an established partner of agencies in more expensive developed markets. Partner agencies have told us they can often cut production costs by half or more simply by letting us do some of the leg work with website development, data entry and graphic design.


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