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Search Engine Marketing – What Is It and Some Basic Tips

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is vital if you want to achieve a successful digital marketing campaign. SEM includes a variety of tactics, Search Engine Optimization and paid search activities being a few.


What is SEM?

What used to be an umbrella term to bind SEO and paid search activities, the digital marketing industry has adopted the SEM acronym to refer solely to paid search. It has become increasingly complex since Google has shown the industry a lot of reliability on this topic. But not to worry, once we show you the ropes, you will be climbing your way to the top of the ranks!

Let’s get your website ranking!

  • Keywords and topics– When you’re writing your content, make it relatable to the topic and the keywords you have researched. Adding variations or synonyms of these different words increases the chances of people visiting your website. Research is also advised so you are aware of what keywords people are typing in.
  • Optimizing your keywords– The awesome video and kick ass designs you’ve uploaded are just a random code to the search engine’s eyes. Keywords matter because Google can understand words. Keywords should be distributed generously. In your URL, title of a content, the first 100 words of your content, and in an image alt text.
  • Craft an impressive title tag– It plays a big factor for Google to understand what your post is about, relate it to the keywords, therefore increasing CTR (click-through rate) of your search result. It will also help if you incorporate highlighted power words related to your post.
  • Up your linking game– Linking your own posts with relevant keywords has crucial benefits. It can reduce your bounce rate and boost your weaker content with the more powerful ones.
  • The length of your posts matter– Without sacrificing quality, make sure you are writing a longer content for valid reasons (this could be because of your audience, the topic, etc). You can’t write a longer content for the sake of making it look longer. This can be repetitive and unhelpful for the audience. Your content should be beef’d up by doing research, planning, and making sure it is well supported.
  • Your permalink should be easy to mentally grasp– They should look like this: Not like this:,random,example/p=81? Keep in mind that you are writing content for human beings, not artificial intelligence. To get your audience to better understand your content, separate words using dashes and simplify them.

Being accustomed to Search Engine Marketing and climbing to the top doesn’t happen overnight. We’re happy to provide useful information but are are even happier to offer our services to boost your online search rankings. At Juicebox, we provide an array of smart and easy modern marketing strategies for us and the client to understand and work together to find a solution. Want to go even further with your business? Contact us for more information!