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What, Why, and How to Use SEO for Hotels

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Those who work in the hospitality industry for a long period of time will come to realize 2 things about this industry.

First, realizing that the hospitality industry is a busy and active business compared to other industries.

This field presents a merciless set of challenges such as: running a 24/7/365 business, dealing with online travel agencies, directing a dynamic pricing system, and more. When all these problems are combined, it demands a unique and strategic digital marketing solution for your hotel.

Secondly, when talking about technology and e-commerce, hotels are without a doubt at the end of the curve. Of course, there are hotels doing better than others and are pioneers in the world of online marketing and technological innovation.

However, we’re talking about the hospitality industry as a whole. Independent and major hotel brands are growing aware of their lack of involvement with the internet that causes a decreased effectiveness of their e-commerce efforts.

Juicebox Management is a Bali based digital marketing agency that has been working with both big and small hotel names.

Working in one of Indonesia’s most visited tourist destinations, we have offered smart and simple ways to implement digital marketing strategies for hotel to grow their business, especially SEO for Hotels.

In this blog post, we have tailored a guide which will talk about the surface of what is SEO, why use SEO, and how to use SEO for hotels.

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What is SEO?

SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimization, is a strategy composed of creative and technical aspects that comes in handy to generate a sense of authority and online presence.

In a nutshell, by implementing SEO, this strategy will let search engines know that the quality of your content is legitimate and relevant. The strategy will result successfully based on 3 elements:

  • The structure of your website
  • The content in your website
  • Your website’s trust flow based on who is linking back to you for reference


Why use SEO for Hotels?

The answer is simple: if your website isn’t optimized, it will become a challenge to receive organic results.

Imagine if your hotel’s web page results not on the first, but the third or fourth page of Google: it’s a nightmare.

This can be avoided by implying SEO.

Tweaking your business by doing brand awareness will also help. Your website should be on the first page when people type in your brand directly – after all, your brand a highly targeted search is making a statement of authority and means people are interested in your business.

Now that the search engine is aware of what your hotel is and its services, it’s time to tell them why your hotel appears more relevant compared to competing hotels.


How to use SEO for Hotel?

Hotels are local businesses by nature. Through our experience offering the SEO service for hotel clients, we have discovered what we feel could be the important tactics to approach to search engine’s that their website should be the top of the ranks.

Here are the 2 tactics that resulted in the most important and effective:

  • Optimize local listings

    Regardless of a hotel being part of an international brand, every hotel has a location unique to itself. Being located somewhere specific, this can be used to give search engines relevance. |This would mean to insert location related information on your website. You can optimize this even further by establishing your location on their terms by managing, optimizing, and claiming your Google+ local page, Bing local listings, and yahoo local listings.

  • Build unique and relevant links

    The local listings mentioned above will make sure that the search engine knows where your hotel is located, but will leave them unsure whether your website is authoritative and trustworthy.In order to get the search engine’s trust, you need to provide your website with content of the highest quality. In order to let your search engine know that you are indeed trustworthy, you need to get people to find your content informative and helpful.In SEO terms, the solution to do this is to do link building. What’s great about this is that it doesn’t demand technical skill. It could be done by business owners, general managers, and directors.

If this all seems too heavy for you, not to worry!

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