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The Benefits of Digital Marketing

digital marketing benifits

Many people are still not aware of the benefits of digital marketing. When use in companies, small or big, digital marketing can help the businesses grow their revenue and well-prepared while compete with other competitor. Google confirms in a study with IPSOS Hong Kong, that companies have a 2.8 times better revenue growth expectancy when using digital marketing strategies to companies who do not.


The Calculated Benefits of Digital Marketing

For example, the online presence of a hotel is mainly focused on websites that help customers do online bookings. This particular hotel has a revenue of 100 dollar; of this revenue, 60 dollar is already used just to keep the hotel open (food, drinks, employees etc.).

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This means that the hotel keeps a profit of 40 dollar to spend on investments or other business goals. However, when the booking is completed via a booking site, they charge costs that directly impact the profit. A digital marketing strategy to increase direct bookings can improve the revenue growth expectancy.


Reasons To Use Digital Marketing

Gives You Better Online Presence

One of the benefits of digital marketing is, it can improve your brand awareness. By having a website as one of your digital marketing tools, you have done one of the first steps in creating an online presence. With more than millions of people online, you are opening doors to current and future customers to find you. Furthermore, you can utilize free social media channels to interact directly and build relationships with your customers.


More Cost Effective Than Traditional Marketing

Small and medium businesses tend to have less resource, while they still can experience the benefits of digital marketing. With digital marketing, you can plan your budget accordingly and see calculated results. This makes digital marketing more cost-effective. For example, Facebook lets you create an ad campaign and set your own budget. You will then be charged according to the budget you have.


Get Conversions/Sales Through Digital Marketing

You can always measure your digital marketing efforts with free tools like Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel. Results will be delivered through conversions, whether by leads, subscribers, or sales. This means that no digital marketing effort is wasted. You can always monitor and see results.


The Calculated Benefits of Digital Marketing

The time of advertisement has changed from traditional ways into the new way: online marketing. Awareness and interaction with digital marketing highly affects companies. It has a marked effect on companies who use it and a downwards effect on companies who do not.

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