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The Key Ingredient for Marketing That People Tend to Forget


Aside from sales, we all agree that marketing strategy is crucial in business

When it comes to marketing, companies discuss how to make customers aware of their business and perhaps think up a set of marketing strategy, but did you know that marketing goes beyond simple strategies and developing them?

Once you develop marketing strategies for your business and start to implement them, you may wish people were immediately aware, and would start purchasing things from you. However, there’s a long journey before your future customer is aware of your brand and finally considers purchasing from you.

During this journey, there is one aspect that people may forget (or not even consider) in marketing. It is time and patience. You may be frustrated when no one clicks your campaign or visits your page, but do not panic.

Our advice is: be patient.

Long lasting and real results from your marketing strategy takes time, effort and patience. It’s not just about how much money you’re going to spend on your advertising. The secret recipe of successful marketing is time.

This is a crucial aspect of marketing that people tend to forget.



Header The key ingredient

Great Marketing Takes Time

1. Brand awareness

Don’t expect brand awareness to skyrocket in the blink of an eye after you launch. A successful marketing strategy doesn’t require a huge budget, but rather consistency. Not only does the advertisement need to be beautiful, you also need to consider the frequency of which your ad is seen. The more visible your ads, the more chance there is of people becoming aware of your brand.

Remain provides the best quality and consistent marketing strategy. Slow and steady, wins the race.


2. Quality over quantity

It is very important to keep on track of the quality of your content and your marketing strategy. You’ll keep providing good quality content. Aside from that, helpful and informative content helps your brand get noticed by people.

It takes time to craft compelling, good quality content, but this helps people appreciate that your content is genuine, and start noticing your brand.



3. Building trust

When you have a good relationship with your customer, combined with genuine content and good quality products, the trust between you both will increase. The customers who trust you will come back over and over again.

To keep the trust of your customers, ensure you have the right tone of voice in your ads. It should match the image of the brand you want to portray, as well as your customer’s needs.


4. Adjustment in Marketing Strategy

Over time, trends keep on changing. Ensure you watch trends, so you know how to build or place your ads on the platform people are currently talking about. You may wish to adjust the way you communicate or market your brand, for example from billboard ads to YouTube ads.

If you do SEO (or search engine optimization), you can also search for popular keywords that are currently trending. Make sure you choose the right keyword that speaks to your brand. If you don’t, it may not attract the right customer or you may lose a loyal one.


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