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Tips for Marketing your Food Business on Social Media

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96% of food businesses are present on social media, why is that?
Food has a key role in our everyday lives. It appeals to our senses and provides us a feeling of comfort and pleasure.
Food is everywhere in our lives including on social media.

It has been proved that marketing your restaurant on social media could help trigger hunger for potential customers and consequently helps increase your success.
200 million posts display the #food, one of the most popular content liked and shared. On social media, you can post photos that will help customers choose your place to eat. This is very handful considering that more than 60% of customers like to see first what they could be eating before making a choice.
Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.
Posts with images generate a higher level of engagement and customers are more likely to remember what they have seen rather than read.



Define your Content Strategy

  • Pair your posts with your marketing strategy.
  • Don’t just be on social media, but be active: post, comment, share, and like.
  • Capitalize on trending topics.
  • Insert a link to your website, but first, make sure your website is responsive.
  • Develop a marketing calendar for your posts and focus on upstream work.
  • Address negative online reviews or comments immediately and value the positive ones.



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What to post on social media ?

  • Combine both engagement posts with promotional posts. Don’t forget to include call-to-actions and product placement!
  • Keep a consistent voice for your posts: similar structure and content. They should be recognizable. This can help you build a strong brand image and build a community of loyal fans.
  • Use storytelling and content marketing: share menus, photos of the food they can order, of the beverages, etc.
  • Spotlight your employees. It humanizes the customer experience displaying the “behind the scene”.
  • Choose the right photo: use natural light, compose it, and use the right app to filter.
  • Share and post videos as well. It will help bring your brand to life.



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Partner with a Food Business’ Influencer

  • Choose your influencer according to your target audience and invite him to showcase your food.
  • His quality posts will help you touch many potential customers.
  • His audience trusts him and so will trust your business if he promotes it.
  • Interested users will then be able to connect with you: follow you, send you a message, and even come to your place.


Value your Customers

  • Share user-generated content: turn them into a valuable brand ambassador, for example, using specific hashtags.
  • Offer exclusive coupons to online followers: show your appreciation to your loyal followers and encourage those who have not tried your food to do so.
  • Organize contests like: fill in the blank, photo contest, caption contest… And enable participants to win free food and drinks from your restaurant/café! These contests are a great way to make your business generate many interactions on your social media page.




Take Advantage of Business Opportunities

  • Enable online ordering to increase sales.
  • Optimize the local search for your ads to target the potential customers at the right place and time of the day. It optimizes your visibility and you can geo-target your CPC.
  • General posts can be posted at any time of the day, but target specific ones to increase your business at selected times.



Which Social Media to Choose?

Facebook and Instagram are the two most popular social media regarding food content and both allow you to geo-target your ads, propose exclusive offers, group deals, and social coupons. You can also develop social media ads to target your potential customers more accurately and also set an affordable monthly budget.
As for Twitter, it allows you to share 140 characters posts about your business. You can share your menu and also include images of what you are offering. Twitter updates with photos get a higher chance of retweets. You can include a link to your website, a photo and also ride on trending hashtags. This platform is also great to respond immediately to any comments from your customers.


Using Social Media Advertising for your Food Business

If you are still unsure about how to properly advertise your business on social media, here at Juicebox Management our team can manage it for you. We have extensive experience in social media and can help you grow your business.
Feel free to contact us for further information !