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What Does Mobile Friendly Mean


In order to access the web, people are using many different devices that include home theatre displays, bet books, desktop PCs, smart phones and tablets. It is clear that this particular trend is not about to go away and this means that web developers must ask themselves a pertinent question, “How do we ensure that the user experience is fantastic on a wide variety of devices (mobile friendly) ?”


Many people think that a mobile friendly site is one that works well with mobile phones. In truth, it means that the site gives a great user experience even when the person is viewing it on a screen that is small. Unfortunately, many websites still need the user to keep zooming out and in so as to view the site on a cell phone and this means that the user experience is not good.

Getting it Right How can this issue be addressed? Well, there are 2 ways as follows:

Have two different websites

This means that you would build one site just for the small screens and this would be considered your mobile site. You would then build another site for the larger screens. In such a scenario, the person may be asked to select the device he or she is on or the browser may detect automatically and then bring up the site that is appropriate. If you take this route, the mobile version will do better with fewer options and not as much depth. Images should be smaller in size and fewer in number and the content should be concise.

Build a flexible website

This is commonly referred to as responsive web design. It is where the site has a framework that is flexible so that it adjusts automatically to fit whichever screen the user is on. It makes it possible to just have one website. For most companies, this makes a lot more sense than having two different ones. However, it is important to note that there are still many companies that are using a layout with a fixed with. As such, when the browser window’s width is reduced, a scroll bar appears to allow the user to move horizontally. With a fluid layout though, every element on the page has a specified size, and the positions of the elements are simply adjusted based on the screen that the user is on. With this, you are sure that the user experience will be the same regardless of the device used.

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