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3 Steps to Create an Unforgettable Brand

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What makes a brand unforgettable? Is it their product design? Logo? Or how they present themselves on social media? In this article, we’ll break down the basic elements of unforgettable brands.


1. Being different while still providing value

There is a popular image on the Internet depicting a broken fork among regular ones. A subtitle underneath the strange display of utensils says, “Just because you’re unique, doesn’t mean you’re useful.”

Although it seems harsh, it should be taken as a precautionary tale. Some brands become so obsessed with being different that the pursuit of uniqueness harms or compromises the basic value promise of the brand in its business category.

Brands should first consider how they can provide the basic value that other brands also offer within the same category. Only then can they try to create a differentiation. This differentiation could be based on product design, market segment, pricing, performance, or customer service.


2. Having a business philosophy that aligns with the target market

The phrase “business philosophy” sounds rather archaic. Yet it is actually a major driving force behind many brand-related decisions.

It reflects what the business stands for, apart from making a profit. Which customer-related problems does your business actually care about? Where does your business stand when it comes to social/economic/environmental issues?

The more similar the beliefs held by the business and the customers, the stronger the relationship will be. Hopefully, the actions of your business reflect upon the beliefs it holds.



3. Be appropriately entertaining

Blendtec produces blenders. As a professional high-end home appliance technology brand, Blendtec surprised a lot of people when they posted a series of Will-It Blend? videos on YouTube.

The videos showcases how their product would perform when one puts an iPhone, an iPad, and other devices, into Blendtec’s blender, to be blended into fine Silicon Valley dust.

The result of this inexpensive marketing campaign is millions of dollars in revenue and an unforgettable top-of-mind branding. Every once in a while, even “professional-looking” brands should showcase some personality, even a little bit of humor.

You may not need to go to the extremes like Blendtec. However, it is good to note that people like to do business with brands that they like. An obsession with professionalism can quickly turn a brand into an intimidating one. Introducing a culture of intelligent humor could make your brand appear more friendly and likeable.


Using digital tools to create unforgettable brands

In future articles, we’ll be explaining more in detail on how to use digital tools to create unforgettable brands. Here are a few hints of what we’ll cover:

  • Creating amazing content on social media
  • Impressing visitors with an incredible website design
  • Designing a social media advertisement that invokes curiosity.

In conclusion, creating an unforgettable brand requires careful planning and execution. By following the three key steps outlined in this article, you can establish a strong brand identity that resonates with your target audience.

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