A collection of diverse and passionate designers, marketers, developers and analysts with a shared purpose to create impactful work.

Juicebox Team Box

We have offices in Bali and Jakarta, but our main team is based in beautiful Renon, surrounded by lush green and excellent coffee.

We're insatiable types
driven by curiosity.

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Our diverse team is made up of talented individuals from all corners of Indonesia. We work together to create meaningful experiences and career development.

Juicebox Office Culture

We’re passionate about the craft because our work is our legacy.

Leading Bali Digital Agency

We thrive on collaboration and believe innovation is fun. Monthly team presentations allow us to share the latest trends and insights between teams, ensuring our team is always working towards being more cross functional.

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We're optimistic, engaging
and forward thinking by nature.

Digital Brand Activation Team

Juicebox attracts like-minded people. We're passionate about digital, coffee, and Friday pizzas! We look for new ways of achieving great results for our clients, anticipating future trends in advance.

We're in it for good and
responsible for our actions.

Team Work Make Dream Work - Juicebox

We take our community responsibility seriously and look for opportunities to give back, we offer sponsorship for internships for talented individuals, sponsor the Role Foundation with their digital iniatives and work together with our suppliers to provide more sustainable hosting and domain solutions.