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How to Integrate 4Cs Digital Marketing Mix to Your Business?

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In this digital age, almost all company has applied the digital marketing strategy. Almost no single successful company, especially related with tourism or cross national business, does not apply the digital marketing strategies. Find how 4Cs digital marketing mix works.

Digital marketing is a must and necessity for business or company to survive and to grow. 4Cs Digital Marketing Approach is comprehensive tool you can use to make your website more communicative and effective.

Now days, almost everyone especially for young generations has a Facebook, uses smartphone, and make social media as part of their life. TV and magazine become out-of-date and be replaced by YouTube and social media. Therefore, digital marketing is essential for the success of marketing and the business.

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What are the 4Cs digital marketing mix?

4Cs Marketing Mix is the improvement of 4Ps. 4Ps is Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

On other hand 4Cs is Costumer Value, Cost, Convenient, and Communication. 4Ps is more company centered in other hand 4Cs is more costumer focus. In other words, 4 Ps approached is changed into 4Cs approached. From company focus to Costumer focus. Have a look at the picture above.


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1. Costumer / Consumer Value.

As digital marketing you have to see in costumer’s perspective. What product or service they value? What they want? What they need?

You only know what their value is by doing research. In this Google Age it is very efficient and convenient to do research. You can do research to the customer and do research on other company website with similar product or service with you. The highlight idea to deliver Costumer value strategy is to provide a quality that is valued and can be achieved by costumer.


2. Cost

Cost is very sensitive matter in the marketing field. Before you decide to put your price on your website.

You should do research what is the best cost that is perceived by your costumer as good cost and then see some other company price lists to make comparison. The cost is relative. If the cost is too expensive compared to your competitor, you may lost your costumer. If the cost is to low compared to your competitor, the costumer may think that you provide low or cheap quality.

Remember. In your website, you should put the price list and make the costumer be able to do the online transaction.


3. Convenient

Convenient is quality that you must give to your customer if you want to survive and grow.

Basically there two things you can make your customer convenient:

  • Convenient to your product or service
  • Convenient to do business with you

To make your costumer convenient to your service, you have to provide good and excellent quality of product or service to your customer. It is paramount to deliver the promise mentioned on your marketing.

As digital marketing, to make the costumer convenient to do business with you is starting with your website. Is your website mobile friendly?
Does it have good speed? Does it have sitemap xml? Does it have good SEO?, Etc.

Today, almost every one especially young generation uses smart phone. For example if the tourist on the way from Bali to Gili Trawangan and they want to search accommodation, most of often they will just open their mobile and search the accommodation. And if your website is not mobile friendly then they will got to other company’s website.

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4. Communication

In the modern strategy of marketing, marketing is more about communication rather than promotion.

Communication means you make and have communication with your customer. In the digital marketing, your website must engage to your costumer. As digital marketer, it is not enough after you make a website, then you just leave it and wait for the email and phone call response. You have to make your website responsive and live. Here are some idea to maximize your digital marketing communication.

  • Blog
  • Social media such as Facebook Instagram, Google +, Twitter, etc.
  • Link building
  • Allow your customer comment, share, and rate
  • Give the customer comment or feedback


Digital Marketing is Convenient, Effective and Efficient.

We live in the Digital Era, where utilizing digital marketing is not just a necessity but a must for business survival and growth. As a trusted digital marketing agency, Juicebox helps you maximize your digital marketing efforts with cost-effective and efficient strategies. Contact us for more information and to discuss your ideas and questions.