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8 UI Web Design Trends for 2021

UI Web Design Trends for


It’s 2021! What new and exciting things are in store this year in the world of UI Design? Let’s take a look at 8 web design trends that will make your website more in fashion.


Dark Mode

1. Dark Mode

Whether it is for night browsing or to reduce eye strain from increasing use of devices, dark mode remains the hero of mobile browsing. Dark mode is not as simple as switching every color to its negative counterpart. The result would have been horrifying.

Instead, dark mode design takes the color that designers perceive as bright and to find other colors that go well over a dark background. This dark background is not necessarily pure black, but just a darker tone of grey. Contrast and shade play a central role to dark mode design.


D Elements

2. 3D Elements

Just as parallax scrolling became a trend last year, users can delight themselves by interacting with 3D elements that can appear to steal the spotlight (such as a featured product in the homepage) or just simple 3D decorations that combine the familiar simplistic vector graphics illustrations that with animations that show depth.


3. UX Copywriting

Copywriting is nothing new in the world of web design, but recently the word has been used a lot in the context of UX. What is different about it this time? Copywriting alone is simply the text content that appears on the web pages, which is meant to describe and persuade visitors.

UX copywriting takes this further by considering every possible user experience that will have with the website. This means customizing the content for every page and events, minimizing the use of templates. To a certain degree, this makes the website seem more human-like.



4. Microanimations

In business, being different is just as important as being better. Microanimations take the mundane everyday elements that the user comes across, such as a loading bar and pop-up, and add a fine touch of movement. This makes the website appear more alive and dynamic, delighting users at every step of the browsing process.


Skeuomorphic Design Trend

5. Skeuomorphic Design Trend

Skeuomorphism is a design concept that makes items resemble their real-world counterparts. For example, in a calculator app, the buttons used to look 3D and you can imagine the tactile sensation of ‘pressing’ a ‘button’ on the flat screen. Over the years, designers seem to have parted from skeuomorphic design. This year, however, it seems to be trying to make a comeback — again, at the attempt to look different.


Micro Storytelling

6. Micro-Storytelling

Most homepages are a straightforward information bulletin that is viewed from top to bottom, and vice versa. Some website designers thought that there could be a better way to deliver information much like a tour guide does.

In a fast-paced world, visitors expect themselves to jump between websites to learn as quickly as possible about the solutions that they are looking for. Micro-storytelling can intentionally slow down the searcher’s process in order to capture their attention and to enjoy the website’s finest details.

By taking the user on a guided tour, full of interactive questions and smart responses, the site can help users look for whatever information that they need without having them to search the entire website


7. Voice Interaction

Voice search is maturing in 2020, and in 2021, we are expecting large search engines like Google to appreciate content that sounds like natural language even more. Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa and the like could read just about any content that is intelligently selected, but the question is, can they pass on this service to individual websites to find harder-to-reach content?

Websites that can serve content by voice interaction will probably have a much higher appreciation by search engines, particularly because of search engines’ push towards higher accessibility. While it’s too early to tell, we can still watch and learn about the technology’s progress.



8. Minimalism

Minimalism is not a new trend, but it is included here as a great number of websites are still lagging behind in understanding the principles of minimal web design trend, concise copy, and a simple color scheme. Minimalism is also in conflict with some of the trends mentioned here, as they offer novel experiences that minimalism has previously failed to offer.

While UI web design trends are exciting to try on, it is important to experiment and see how it works within a larger context. Don’t adapt a design for the sake of novelty.


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