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How a Copywriting Service Saves You Time and Drives Web Traffic

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Content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) work together in a positive feedback loop. A good copywriter has both the strategic thinking and strong editorial skills to achieve this effect. Copywriting service can be an excellent investment for your cost-effective long-term marketing strategy.

So how does this feedback loop work?

1. Content Creation

A business that owns an SEO-friendly website needs to regularly add content to it – most likely in the form of blog posts.

The content creator’s job is to write about topics that immediately address the issues that the target audience (the ideal buyer) has, and to offer valuable solutions.

For example, a yoga retreat business can talk about the various ways that minor but persistent everyday symptoms (back pains, cramped muscles, etc.) can be alleviated with simple yoga exercises.



2. Search engine discovery

Your new blog post will most likely remain undiscovered for quite some time.

Google takes time to send out spider bots to crawl your web page, analyze the content and index the essentials into its database.

Over time, however, Google recognizes the richness of knowledge that is contained in your website. They judge the quality of your site, the topics and items of discussion within your content, and give your blog a chance* to appear on the first page of the search engine results page (SERP).

This is where the copywriter’s editorial skills will be tested. It’s not enough to hire a writer who speaks the native language of your blog. The copywriter must go beyond just writing with proper syntax.

She or he must have knowledge of media communication, write with humor and style, be aware of language use in different contexts, and empathize with your customers – it is possible to learn content marketing on your own, provided that you invest a lot of time.

Experienced copywriters can help you save years of trial and error in content marketing.


user discovery

3. User discovery

Notice that you hardly ever have to browse the second page when executing a Google query.

The vast majority of a website’s organic visits come from links displayed on SERP #1. Organic visits are not sourced from ads or any of the special SERP features.

The higher the rank of your site on the SERP, the more likely you will receive organic clicks.

When your visitors find that your content is readable, engaging and useful, then they will most likely feel compelled to visit your other web pages, or share your content. This will put your brand in a positive light.

A high-quality copy will greatly increase the quality score that helps Google justify your pages’ position on the SERP.


4. SEO analysis

Your visitors’ collective data of behavior towards your website is compiled in the Google Analytics search console.

When you know which topics are popular among your web visitors, you can do the following:

1) Expand further on the topic, addressing deeper problems and offering more detailed solutions.
2) Compile all the popular blog posts into one “cornerstone” blog, or even an e-book, given that the topics are related.
3) Explore other topics using fresh trend research, or keyword research – in SEO terms.

A good copywriter will continuously learn about their readers, to look for patterns in Google Analytics, and determine not only which topics are popular, but also which topics that no other website has covered before, or that have rarely been explored.


5. Rinse and Repeat!

By each year, your site will not only grow in traffic, but will also become a part of a much larger community. And this is what SEO is all about. It’s not just about getting more clicks, but also becoming one of the thought leaders of the industry.


What We Can Do To Help Drive Traffic To YOUR Website.

As skilled copywriters, we can do in-depth research on popular topics within your industry. Taking into consideration the language style that will resonate with your buyer persona, we write a draft of your blogs and website content.

With your approval and final fact-checking, we proceed to publish the content onto your website. Meanwhile our SEO team will monitor several important metrics on your website:

  • Views per page
  • Page views per session
  • Duration per session of visit
  • Your readers’ country of origin
  • Conversion rate
  • Engagement and more!


Our sample works

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