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Digital Marketing for Yoga Business

Digital Marketing for Yoga Business

Nowadays, it’s important to build an online presence for any type of business. For the yoga business, this means building valuable relationships with your online community and attracting new students to your classes and workshops.

If you’re just getting started, the digital world can be quite overwhelming. Here are some tips to help yoga teachers create an online presence that works.


Digital Marketing for Yoga Business

Open a Facebook Business Page

There are many benefits to having a business page on Facebook but, most importantly, students are able to find your yoga business’ brand together with information about it. You can simply set up the times and locations of your yoga business, create events and invite students.

With a Facebook business page you can run ads that reach your target audience, view your business Facebook insights and increase your web traffic. With Facebook business pages, there are endless possibilities and features and the best part? It’s free to open an account, so go do it right now!


Digital Marketing for Yoga Business

Set up a Yoga website

This might seem like a complicated task, but you can start with a simple website which allows your students to find contact information and more details about the classes and upcoming events. If you’re not feeling very confident in designing a website yourself, you can find a digital marketing agency that will do it for you and help you reach a bigger audience.

Once you have your website all set up, our SEO agency recommends posting weekly blog posts about yoga, healthy eating, and related topics to optimize your content and make your website SEO-friendly.


Digital Marketing for Yoga Business

Create Visuals

Fill your online presence with beautiful visuals that represent your brand and message. Build a yoga social media strategy and start consistently posting on your social channels such as Facebook, Instagram and your yoga website.

Give your audience an insight into what the yoga classes look like and what your everyday life as a yoga teacher is like and share tips on yoga poses and healthy eating. There are many ways you can add value to your social channels.

Start with these 3 steps and see how this transforms your online presence.

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