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Google MyBusiness : New Way to Reply Review

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Google reveals a new update for its Google MyBusiness platform with a new method of replying to reviews for your business. This is a much-welcomed update, especially if you primarily manage your business from your desktop. It is now possible to reply to your reviews without opening a mobile app. Google is making improvements on how you can reply to reviews. It is possible to get more information out of your review and to get better feedback from your customers. Because of the update, you can react directly to your reviews.

New update on reviews at Google

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Positive or negative reviews, there is always a lesson to learn. Mostly the negative review is from an angry customer who wants something back or didn’t work out. By reading the reviews, you can figure out what went wrong, how the customer was dissatisfied with your product or service, and ultimately come up with a solution for future customers. It is an important tool that allows you to get feedback directly from your audience. Each review is just the hard truth of your happy and sometimes unhappy customers. Because of the update, there is an easier way to see your reviews, faster way to respond and more simpler ways to show the reviews to your team.

How to give a reaction on Google My Business review:

1. Go to Google maps

Google Review

2. Enter your business name. Then, click Search or press Enter.

Google Review

3. Click Reviews.

Google Review

4. Next, to the review, you need to click on Reply.

Google Review

How to react on a review?

React quickly and easily! If the customer writes a bad review, always think about a solution. Other potential customers will read this and it helps them to convert. In the end, reviews are also part of your brand management strategy and sometimes even reputation management. If you need help, feel free to contact and let us help react on your first review! Over the years, Juicebox Management has developed many successful branding strategies and reputation management. We already work with many clients to help them in developing website, designing Company Logo, Search Engine Optimization, managing Google Ads Campaign and leveraging their Social Media through Social Media Management or Social Media Ads.