To protect your brand and your reputation, know what people are saying about you. We work to ensure you can respond in a timely and professional manner.

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Online Reputation

Social networks and blogs make it easy to voice opinions, chances are, someone’s talking about your company online.
We find where positive things about you are being broadcast, and identify comments that negatively affect your business. We work with online reputation management.

Track the Conversation

We have tools that allow the tracking of what people are saying over the internet.
Whether they are talking on Facebook, Google, on a blog, or on twitter, we can intercept and review comments.
We actively monitor commentary to ensure that negative comments get your attention. We recommend ways to respond to comments or complaints and ensure consumers see a business that cares. We work to ensure your reputation is outstanding.

Step per step on Reputation Management

We set you up on our systems to start monitoring your brand across the web.
With a short process, we can commence monitoring and reporting on communications for you.

We use a 24-hour monitoring of the web to view new comments that are appearing. As soon as content or comments appear that require your attention, we will inform you directly. Our team can also assist you by responding to these posts on your behalf when agreed.

Each month we will provide you with reporting. Our reports highlight the feedback that we are receiving about your business online. Our service works in supporting your business to effectively manage your online reputation.

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