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The Important of Link Building for Website

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In the quest for search engine optimization, a lot of link building is often done with the aim of increasing the amount of valuable inbound links to the webpage in question. This exercise goes to increase the likelihood of that website being ranked high in the search results from search engines.

Search engines use link building as a determinant for the ranking of a website, and therefore the higher you want to be, the more work you need to do on link building. Higher ranking is what everyone wishes for because it will definitely increase the number of people visiting their website.

The value of links has often been taken for granted because there is no clear measure of their worth. The reason for this is simply the fact that links are everywhere. Links are essentially the threads that hold the whole World Wide Web together.


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Types of Link

To understand the value of links, let us first take a look at some of the link types that you are likely to come about. These will certainly be seen during one or more of the various SEO activities that are being explored world over in an effort to publicize online presence.

Editorial links, also referred to as natural links
These are attracted by good, published content and website marketing strategies, but not money.

Resource links
Basically hyperlinks to a specific website that is deemed relevant and important to the visitors of the website that’s establishing that link.

Acquired links
As the name suggests, the links acquired through some form of payment.

Reciprocal links
Mutual links between two websites meant to guarantee mutual traffic for the two. These are easily obtainable but produce very little results towards the ranking of your website. If too many of them are used, one can even get penalised by Google, for instance.

Directory links
Links in lists that are sorted in categories of submitted sites to a website directory by the site’s owner.

Forum signature links
Inbound links from forums left there by the members who include them in their signature part for that forum.


Links as a Popularity Measure

Search engines have used links from as early as 1990 as part of their algorithmic formula to determine how important and popular published content is. With time, this formula has become more and more sophisticated by taking into consideration other metrics such as authority and spam.

The strategy of link building increases the SEO importance of content through gained inbound links. When it was started, the strategy worked to get links just about everywhere one could get. Currently, link building is focussed on adding value to a website. This ranking is important because it assures only the best information in the world is accessed by users.

Also, if other websites are linked to yours, it is an implication that your website has something interesting and important that other websites do not have. When a sizeable number of these links come from other websites that have already made their names, then it will definitely add a measure of popularity by association.

Links have been seen to decrease their value with time. This implies that a website may be so popular at one time, but if no new links are added, its popularity fades away. It is important that you seek new link sources in order for your published content to remain relevant.


Start to Pay Attention to Your Link Profile!

The importance of links in today’s digital landscape cannot be underestimated. Search engines now place significant emphasis on the relevance, quality, and quantity of links pointing to a website. As a result, understanding and optimizing your backlink profile has become crucial for online success.

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