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4 Reason Why Inbound Links May Not Boost your Organic Search Rankings


In previous years, inbound links have played a major role in search engine optimization (SEO).

This is why digital marketing agencies invest in many forms of link building. It could be for paid links, blog posts, social sharing, guest blogs, and much more. Unfortunately, regardless of retrieving natural and relevant links, there are no guarantees that your rankings will increase.

Here are 4 items on inbound links Juicebox Management has compiled during our years of extensive research:

Your inbound links cannot be trusted and are low quality


Spamming inbound links have a negative impact on your website. Especially when these links are low quality with poor trust flow. Not only will your website appear low quality, but chances of it being penalized by Google are there.

These could also be considered as ‘bad links’. They can take any form, such as being spammy, being links from link farms, spun articles, etc. The inbound links you want are those that are:

  • Trustworthy
  • Verifiable
  • Relevant to your business
  • A link that links to other trustworthy, verifiable, and relevant websites


Your inbound links brings your audience to sites with poor content

The quality of the pages content is crucial when it comes to being ranked by Google. Take note of the highlights you should be looking for when selecting a quality content:

1. Original content

Original content refers to information that is unique and cannot be found elsewhere on the internet. This type of content holds high value and sets your website apart from others.

2. Useful and relevant

It is important to create content that is both useful and relevant to your audience. This means providing information that can be of practical use to your readers and directly relates to the products or services your business offers.

3. Engaging

Engaging content captures the attention and interest of your audience. By creating content that is compelling, informative, and entertaining, you can establish a stronger connection with your potential clients and keep them engaged with your brand.

4. User and search friendly

Your website and inbound links should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. They should not be overly complex or difficult for visitors to find and understand. It’s important to strike a balance between technical information and presenting it in a way that is accessible and understandable to users. Remember to prioritize the human aspect of providing information, even in technical industries.


Your website has a list of spammy anchors

Google relies on links, specifically they love high quality links that are valuable to users. Google’s algorithms change frequently in order to differentiate editorial links from paid ones. A spammy anchor is also a red flag for Google; it is the easiest way from them to identify spam.


Your competitors are doing better than you

This is the last and most overlooked factor as to why your inbound links aren’t boosting your organic search rankings. Your competitors are simply doing a better SEO job, your links may be good but competitors can have even better, well developed links. This is when SEO tools can be valuable in order to analyze your current competitor’s stats.

seo tools

At Juicebox Management, we use these tools to analyze and adjust our clients’ link building approach:


This way, you will discover more about the industry you’re competing against, filter out the sites that are crucial link providers, and understand their strategies and way of approaching them better.

In conclusion, if you’re building links legitimately and honestly, it can contribute positively by boosting your search rankings. Juicebox Management believes that it isn’t about trying to deceive Google, but creating worthy content of being linked to and having it acquired organically. As the fastest growing digital agency in Bali, Juicebox Management implements SEO strategies to your business the right way. Invest in our services and watch your company grow!

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