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What on Earth are local backlinks and how do I find them?

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When it comes to Link building, we often follow the generic process of thinking to aim high in authoritative domains that link back to our website. However, here at Juicebox Management, this doesn’t always apply for small business websites or traditional street side businesses.

If there ever comes a time you are required to build a brick-and-mortar store its links, it is crucial to understand what you’re looking for while doing so. Local backlinks are built with the intention to create an online, legitimate presence of a website towards its locality.


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How do you go about local backlinks?

Local SEO professionals such as ourselves specialize on correcting N.A.P (name, address, phone number) information, creating hyper local content, building up a list of citations, and the most obvious, link building.

The tasks stated are all executed towards the purpose of authenticating a presence with the search engine results page on local terms, the organic search results for specifically targeted keywords. Here are the two main points to keep in mind when building backlinks:

  • Link back to your website
  • Provide the opportunity to speak to your local audience

Even though digital marketing is progressing every day, it is always good to reference back to the traditional thinking process. Those who impact your specific local market might not demand such a highly authoritative site. They might be small and so is there established market, so getting a link from them can be of more value compared to linking websites such as The New York Times or Forbes.

Beginning With Citations

To get started, make sure you got all the basics down like correcting any information, citation building, and finding general directories.

To start off with citations is great as they offer the ability to place your N.A.P details anywhere and allow you to put a link down on some decent websites whose content is legitimate and not read as spam by the search engine. The idea behind using citations is to just give your website a boost and get its brand awareness out there in many sources as possible. Here are two Juicebox Management favorites to tackle citation building:

  • Yext
  • Moz local

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The Opportunities Are All Around You

There has been an idea floating around digital marketing experts where the local link building might not be natural, beneficial, or in few cases, impossible.

However, this is why those behind local SEO projects are required to be naturally creative, especially for those doing SEO for massive brands. Link opportunities, in this case, are very limited since your ranking game is on a different level. You’re fighting to rank for hyper local keywords that usually don’t have a lot of search volume and will be working with websites whose trust flow is quite low.

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