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Why original content is important for your website

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The relevance of your site’s content determines your search engine ranking. That’s why it’s essential to keep fresh and original content on your pages. If you miss your regular updates, the users are going to lose interest. But if you keep adapting, changing, improving and showing activity on your page, the search engines will notice it and reward you with a higher ranking.

Here are some basic tips on how to keep your website original and of high quality:

Keep your content original & updated.

The internet grows at all times. Every day, many people upload masses of content. If you publish something today, it might be outdated in just a few hours, days or weeks. If you want search engines to keep track of what you’re doing, make sure to update your content on a regular basis. If you keep it interesting for your readers or clients, your page will stay interesting for search engines as well!

You can use several ways to keep your content valuable and updated: Get a news section, which you can feed regularly and implement special offers or new ideas. There are no limits to your creativity! Keep providing relevant, useful information and it’s going to benefit your website.

Don’t copy or duplicate content.

There are many reasons why you should not duplicate content. If you use content from another page without the writer’s agreement, you are risking a violation of the copyright laws. If you would like to copy some content, you have to contact the writer and ask for his permission to use it for your purposes. Also, you have to mention the original writer as your reference. Search engines are able to recognize duplicated content, and you can get into trouble if they do!

Many websites try to achieve a higher search engine ranking by duplicating their content. To fight this method, Google implemented a duplicating filter. If a website gets caught duplicating content, it will get removed from the search engines. Don’t risk it!

I wrote a blog a while back about Duplicate content that may be useful for you.

Format the content successfully.

Formatting your content efficiently is just as central as writing it. If you put loads of content on your site, it gets more difficult for visitors to find the information they’re looking for. If someone opens your website and browses through your information, he will decide within seconds if your page is worth his time, or if he should look somewhere else. If you’re able to keep the users on your website, you can increase your pagerank, which improves your ranking in the search engines!

One way to keep up user friendliness, is to improve the readability. You can highlight the most important keywords, underline or italicize them. Humans, as well as search engines also respond well to clear and structured information. So make sure to use titles, subtitles, paragraphs and divisions!

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