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SEO Evergreen Content: Tips for Restaurants and Hotels

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Short-term and long-term strategies apply to SEO marketing. You can invest your time and energy in what’s called SEO evergreen content that will promise to deliver steady traffic over time. In the best case scenario, the traffic may even increase as time goes by.

Unfortunately, not many hotels and restaurants have tapped into this wonderful traffic potential generator. After all, how can writing long-form content, with rich multimedia in a mobile-optimized website, bring customers and revenue to you?

In order to appreciate the potential for this kind of marketing, you will need to understand what it is, what it does to your website ranking, and how to create SEO evergreen content for your hospitality and tourism business.

What is SEO Evergreen Content?

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Evergreen content is content that is relevant and timeless. Your readers tomorrow will have the same appreciation for it as those who are reading your content today. This is because the content provides value regardless of how old it is.

Examples of evergreen content are guides and tips that your readers can learn from, in order to make their lives easier. Other examples are case studies and in-depth discussions of a trending topic, which will resonate with your readers even in the future.

What Is Not Evergreen Content?

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There are many more examples of content that only provides value in the short term.

Examples of short-term content are news sites and event updates that are probably not relevant once the event has passed. Seasonal content (holiday greetings and annual events), although applicable at least once a year, are not relevant in the next period. Product reviews are not evergreen, because market opinions can change over time, or that new product releases are far more anticipated.

Non-Evergreen Content Can Boost Traffic In The Short Term

Non-evergreen content is useful to attract your customer base back to your website.

This is relevant for example when you subscribe to a website and appreciate reading new and useful updates from the business that you care about. Similarly, fresh content like this can increase your business authority; you can be regarded as a thought leader because you stay up to date with current events.

Short-term content is also relatively easier to produce, as it is more concise and is designed to be published within hours or days after an event.

Why you still need evergreen content for your SEO

In order to compete for the top positions in search engines, your website can’t rely on short-term content alone.

Your website’s ranking is highly determined by the number and quality of links that refer back to your website – or backlinks in SEO lingo. Search engines use backlinks as a way to measure how relevant and authoritative a website is.

The logic is that a business that provides a lot of value will be more talked about and referred to. Without the help of actively sharing content and link-building, it’s possible for evergreen content to slowly and independently gain backlinks over time.

This is a great option for your long-term marketing strategy. Remember, the law of exponential growth applies not only in financial investments but also in content marketing. So tap into that traffic potential by creating your own evergreen content.


1. Research Trending Keywords

You must learn the difference between a trend and a fad. A fad is a short-term trend that dies as quickly as it booms. Think of the dozens of Internet challenges that last no more than a month – the bottle cap challenge and ALS ice bucket challenge, to name a few.

In order for your content to be timeless, you need to investigate the topics that the industry is heading towards. For example, more restaurants are serving gluten-free carbs, plant-based menus, and organic and vegan options.

More guests want to experience a country’s natural beauty and culture, without sacrificing luxury. More hotels are boasting their sustainability policies, investing in solar power and reusable/biodegradable complementaries (e.g. bottled drink water, bamboo toothbrushes, etc.)

Find out what your customers are typing in search engines, and answer their questions. You can consult with our SEO service team on how to do this.


2. Use an interesting format

A long-form blog post doesn’t have to be filled to the brim with words. Mix in some images, one or two video embeds, and even a GIF image would entertain your readers – just don’t overdo it.

Title – Make it eye-catching without making it too much of a click-bait. For example:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Seminyak
  • Menjangan: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need
  • 20 Best Surf Spots in Bali (for Newbies to Pro)
  • How to Mentally Prepare for Long Flights
  • Travel and Eat Without Guilt: 30 Healthy Restaurants in Bali
  • How a Vegan Diet Impacts the Environment

Headings – Make your content skimmable by structuring the content with headings and white spaces.

Multimedia – Images and videos are great to spice up your content. Try to balance image size and quality with page loading speed (a very important SEO factor). Embed videos, but don’t forget to add alt tags to help search engines know what the video is about.

Information – Concise, readable, but wonderfully written that encourages social shares. Don’t forget to add “call to action” buttons (e.g. “Share on Facebook” button) to increase the chance of shares.

It takes a team of SEO specialists, web designers and dedicated copywriters to produce evergreen content that sells. Consult with Juicebox to learn more.


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3. Have a mobile-friendly website and format

62% of total Internet traffic in 2019 came from mobile devices, and the number is rising. If your website and content looks good on the desktop but appears poorly on mobile devices, there is a great chance that you’ll be outcompeted by those who can look great on both devices.

Mobile-friendliness requires both front and back-end optimization, and our team of web developers can help you. Please feel free to contact Juicebox to get started with mobile optimization.

Here are some ideas to inspire you

Creating SEO evergreen content is not easy. You may need to do some more research to look for inspiration. Check out the resources below to help you get started.

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