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Top 7 SEO Warning Signs


Sitting down this morning I thought to myself how do I get consumers in Bali to understand more about SEO. I guess many people wonder what SEO is these days but at the heart of it, I think it is the ability to take your website and make it rank better, convert more customers, and generally provide a much better user experience. I believe that by providing effective SEO strategies and guidance, we can empower businesses to thrive online. If you’re looking for SEO warning signs and insights, you’ve come to the right place.

Good SEO should equal a good ROI

Most people know that search engine optimization can have a lot of benefits for their website. What often gets overlooked is the large amount of time and extensive planning which is needed to build a well optimized site. It takes a vast knowledge of technical work and content marketing to create successful SEO and that is not a short term project. Good SEO can boost your websites traffic while bad SEO may ruin your sites reputation and make it drop into the pits of Google, never to return.

Due to the complexity of SEO, most people look at it and then prefer to give it to someone who knows what they are doing, right? How many of you have tried to get started with SEO and then realized that it takes a lot of time?

How many of you have paid for SEO services?

Unfortunately we have a host of companies here on the Island that provide SEO services for silly prices, unbelievable SEO guarantees, with the offer to change your world in 30 days. I was raised to believe in the saying:

if you pay peanuts you get monkeys

And I still believe in that today. If you have a similar philosophy then and you are looking for someone to handle your online marketing, SEO or Social Media then you may find my list of warning signs useful.

Here are my top 7 SEO warning signs that tell you if you can expect some monkey business from your SEO company:

1 – They Offer Results In A Short Amount Of Time

Of course you want to see results as soon as possible after you have invested money in an SEO service. If your website is brand new and looks good, you may be wondering why you’re not making any sales and want to generate customers as fast as you can.

Unfortunately it takes time to build credibility and earn the search engines trust, build high quality links and SEO friendly content. The results will pay off eventually, but you shouldn’t trust a company which claims to provide you top results in a month or two. The only way to get your website ranking in the top results in such a short time is if you look at a Google Ads Campaign which is perfect for new sites whilst they are waiting for their organic searc results to come up.

Patience is the key when it comes to long-term SEO success!

2 – Guaranteed Rankings

When an SEO company offers you guaranteed ranking and makes some unrealistic promises, be aware that no one is able to guarantee a certain ranking in any search engine and you are probably dealing with people who don’t know what they are doing. Even Google warns you of companies that guarantee you a #1 spot.

With the way Google searches work, you can never expect to be in a fixed position as results fluctuate so often and can depend on where somewhere is searching from, what device and many other variables.

An SEO company should be able to improve your rankings in general, your conversion and thus increase the number of customers coming to you.

3 – Free Trial

To run a successful SEO campaign, you need time! An SEO company needs to collect your website’s data, as well as some of your competitor’s data, set up goals, create targets, rewrite content and do various forms of research. This includes keyword research, several meetings to assess the requirements of a website and tailoring the services to meet the needs of a client and the site.

A 30-day free trial won’t be enough time to create a successful campaign let alone see any results. Many companies offer one year contracts that can add up to a large amount of money so having the flexibility of a month per month contract is perfect, just don’t complain after a month or two and you haven’t met your goals.

4 – High Quality At Very Low Prices

Search engine optimization is a very complex and time consuming task which requires skilled and hard working labor. If you get offered cheap, high quality SEO solutions and you think it might be too good to be true – then it probably is.

If you have lived in Indonesia for any amount of time you will already know how many fake varieties of everything that exist around. You can’t go to a bar without wondering if the alcohol is real or not.

Apply the same methodology to your SEO – you get what you pay for!

5 – Secret SEO Strategies

SEO strategies are no secrets. Any serious company will be able to inform you about specific strategies that are needed to lift the ranking of your website. You can even go and search for Google’s best SEO practices which will show you the work that has to be done on your web site.

Of course in every company you have some proprietary aspects – you won’t need to know all of a company’s software and research methods. But if a company is advertising secret methods, they are probably using techniques that eventually will get you penalized by search engines.

6 – Content Ownership

A large part of what you are paying for is going to be well-written content, and what you’re paying for should belong to you. A reputable SEO company will provide you the rights for all written contents, so don’t sign any agreements that leave the ownership with the SEO agency.

Likewise, all of the reporting data that you receive should be linked to your Google Analytic’s account and not your SEO companies. If you decide to change the company then you wont lose any of your data.

7 – Bad Customer Service

If an SEO firm doesn’t care about your needs, questions and expectations they are not doing a good job. When you’re dealing with a reliable SEO service provider, you should be prepared to be asked a lot of questions and the company you’re working with is supposed to answer them. A reputable company will do the best they can to meet your requirements and keep you updated and informed about the process.

Transparency is key when working with any company – make sure you have that with your SEO company.


It’s wild out there!

In the current landscape, numerous companies are competing for your online marketing and SEO needs. It’s crucial to be well-informed and aware of the 7 SEO warning signs that can help you make an informed decision while minimizing risks.

Effective SEO management requires an investment in terms of both cost and effort. Choosing the right solution will yield a good return on investment and foster the growth of your online business. Instead of settling for cheap alternatives, consider partnering with a professional digital marketing agency that prioritizes tangible results.

If you have any concerns about suspicious SEO companies or if you’re seeking reliable SEO agency, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to avoid any SEO warning signs. As a trusted digital marketing agency, we are here to address your questions and provide you with the expertise you need for your online success.