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Storytelling for Your Restaurant Business

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It’s a powerful marketing strategy that builds trust and helps you connect with your customers in restaurant business industry. Storytelling can help to leverage your brand and achieve success!


Customers want to know the story of why you do what you do.


The marketing world including the restaurant business has changed as designs and phrases such as “chef-driven” or “locally sourced” are considered clichés and are not enough anymore. To stand out, you must give more than just some nice words to make people come in and try your menu. You must evoke emotions and build trust with consumers by raising your brand’s unique story.

Storytelling in the restaurant business

Focus on What People Want to Hear

Define who will be your target customer before opening up a restaurant. You should have an idea of what they are most interested in. Find out what they like to don’t like about your products and ideas. This is where you will get an idea of what type of stories drive a positive reaction.

Remember to always listen to what the people in your community are saying. Your research will show the interests of people, along with their complaints on a specific product. Don’t respond to this negatively. Instead, you should use this to build your story.

Note that it doesn’t mean that you should lie while you are building your story. As that is a guaranteed disaster for your customer’s relationship.

Storytelling in the restaurant business

Storytelling with Your Servers

If you feel like your customer engagement rate is low on your website, then you should check on your server for some “repetitive” descriptions found in the menu. These will hardly fetch the emotions of your customers as they can read those descriptions themselves.

You should start to train your servers to tell stories about your dishes. Telling visitors and customers details about the chef behind the recipes and the story behind your most recommended menu, making your customers curious about it. Once you have grasped their emotions, they will be desired to come into your restaurant and try your menu.

Don’t forget to ask for some reviews in your Google MyBusiness – create one if you don’t have -. It surely helps your Local SEO.

Storytelling in the restaurant business

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