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Can a Marketing Agency Really Benefit My Business?

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As your enterprise grows, so do your marketing demands.

You may be faced with questions like these:

  • Should I employ more people into the marketing department?
  • Should I hire freelancers to help me with marketing tasks?
  • Should I hire a marketing agency for my marketing projects?

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Should you employ more people into the marketing department?

One good reason to recruit new staff is when you prioritize building a team with industry-specific experiences.

Specific marketing skills, such as media planning, advertising, and influencer marketing, are deemed as additional benefits.

Taking that approach, you could hire someone within the industry who may not yet have specific work experiences in marketing, but perhaps is very familiar with the inner workings of the market. This could allow you to train your new recruit easily, provided that he or she can quickly learn and adapt.

Industry-specific insights, coupled with great marketing skills, take years to develop. As a result, hiring an expert like this is a high-cost commitment. As marketing tactics and technology evolve, it is unrealistic to demand one professional marketer to do everything — even if one has a good portfolio of skills.

In many cases, your marketing team may want to delegate some of the manual tasks to a freelancer (such as writing and graphic design), to free up time for the marketing analysis and decision-making.

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Should you hire freelancers to help you with marketing tasks?

You should absolutely hire freelancers to outsource urgent marketing tasks, but those ones that are not crucial for the success of the campaign.

As highlighted in the previous section, you or your marketing team should free up more time for making decisions. In which case, outsourcing work to a freelancer is a luxury, not a necessity.

There are some cases where it is necessary to hire freelancers, rather than full-time marketing staff. Companies that are looking to expand quickly, but do not want to be tied down by long-term employment contracts, can opt to hire short-term or freelance workers.

The process of hiring a freelancer should be no different than recruiting new staff. With an increasing supply of freelancers, you could simply choose the ones with an excellent portfolio with justifiable rates.

Of course, the flexible employment contract comes with a steep cost. In addition, a freelancer may hold only a few skill sets. You may need to hire multiple freelancers to operate effectively.


Should you hire a marketing agency for your marketing projects?

The main advantage of hiring a marketing agency is that it can offer you the best of both worlds — the marketing expertise of a full-time employee and the flexible employment contract of a freelancer.

Each digital marketing agency is made up of a team of experts in their own sub-field. At Juicebox, we employ a team who are well-versed at social media, Internet advertising, content creation, graphic design, web design and development, branding strategy and more.

Furthermore, you can judge the performance of a marketing agency based on its portfolio. You should ask yourself, How many industries has this agency served? What do clients say about them? Do they offer a complete service or do I still need to hire another freelancer / agency?

You can gain access to the service of many experts with just one flexible contract.


What you can expect from a marketing agency

You can expect more than just advice. A marketing agency’s responsibility is to manage your new or existing marketing campaigns, to use various marketing tools that you may not yet have had access to before, and to enhance your business’s online presence.

Juicebox specializes in digital marketing, in addition to traditional marketing. We believe that online presence is the new standard for businesses, and we want to help businesses to stay in the competition by setting them up for online success.

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