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Google Discovery Ads – 6 Things you need to know

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Google Marketing Live was quite an event this year, as you may have heard. The annual event doubled down on last year’s theme of trust, privacy, transparency, and machine learning. It also used the keynote speech to introduce a lot of new product features and innovations.

You can catch up with many of the events on day one over at Search Engine Journal.
I want to talk more about Discovery Ads, a really cool new ad type where advertisers deliver immersive carousel ads to users at the exact moment they are most open to finding something new. What exactly is Discovery Ads, and what does it look like? Let me walk you through 6 things you need to know about Google Discovery Ads.


discovery interactive1. Discovery ads are interactive and highly immersive

Advertisers will now have another way to shows images to their prospects in a fascinating visual storyline. You already have Display, Shopping and Youtube, here comes Discovery!

Advertisers wishing to leverage Discovery ads will be able to show single images or a swipe-able multi image carousel format. It is very similar to what Facebook is doing which is to create engaging content in a passive browser and attract qualified traffic.

You can tell a compelling brand story on Google with these new Discovery Ads.


2. Heard of AI? It plays a role in Discovery Ads.

As an advertiser setting up Discovery Ads, you will need to enter a single landing page URL, at least a single image, your logo, and then you have up to five headlines and descriptions.

From there on in the AI takes over as machine learning determines the way to best serve combinations of your information (images, headers, descriptions). Google is trying to automate the ad optimization process so you target more relevant users whilst ensuring the content is still creative.

This is a great opportunity to take advantage of Google’s algorithm.


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3. Google Discover is now ready !

Discover Ads was the first product announcement at Google Marketing Live so they are clearly excited about this product. You should too!

The reason they are important is Google is using them to monetize Google Discover, which, if you recall, replaced Google Feed last year. Google decided to change Google Feed into Discover because of three fundamental shifts in search.


Let me quote what they said: This next chapter is driven by three fundamental shifts in how we think about Search :

  • The shift from answers to journeys :
    To help you resume tasks where you left off and learn new interests and hobbies, we’re bringing new features to Search that help you with ongoing information needs.
  • The shift from queries to providing a query less way to get to information :
    We can surface relevant information related to your interests, even when you don’t have a specific query in mind.
  • And the shift from text to a more visual way of finding information :
    We’re bringing more visual content to Search and completely redesigning Google Images to help you find information more easily.

You can find the full article here.
Discover now reaches over 800 million users globally which is a huge potential pool of potential targets for advertisers.


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4. Discovery ads’ reach goes beyond Discover

Don’t think just about the 800 million global users on Discover. You also get to serve Discover Ads on Youtube’s mobile home feed along with Gmail’s social and promotions tab.
You can see how they look in each of those placements here:


5. Same targeting, new campaign type

Discovery Ads have their own campaign type so you must run a Discovery campaign if you want to run Discover ads. As always, Google handles this process seamlessly and it becomes a case of merely uploading your creative content.

Discovery ads live in feeds, they are not in search, and this will mean you are not dealing with search intent. Discovery ads advertisers will need to use much of the same targeting which is available for Display campaigns.

Without search intent you will need to have effective audience targeting along with some really creative content. With a strong brand story, you will be able reach massive new prospects through a brand awareness campaign.


6. When can I get started?

Later this year the Discovery Ads will pop up in the Google Ads platform so get ready to start making some new and creative ad campaigns.


Make sure that your digital marketing strategy includes Google Discovery Ads!

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